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Condition of Items are graded as follows:-
M. Mint - never used.
VG. Very Good - very little sign of use.
G. Good - general signs of wear but still presentable.
Poor - Heavy signs of wear or grubbiness.
+ or ++ signs may be added to above to further refine classification.

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Autographed Items
Beer Mats, Drip Mats, Coasters, Etc.
Bookmarks & Markers, Etc.
Computer related items
Financial Documents (Bonds, Stocks, Shares, Receipts, Etc.)
Greetings Cards
Key Rings
Labels, Stickers, Decals
Leaflets, Flyers, Etc.
Matchbox Labels
Medals, Medallions, Etc.
Philatelic Items
Prize Labels
Sheet Music
Tobacco Related
Topographical Ephemera

Abbreviations used:-
bw.  Black and white
c.     Dated about or around
cl.    Coloured
dec.  Decorated
dr.   Drawing/s
ill.   Illustrated
nd.   Not dated
pb.   Paper backed
ph.   Photograph/s
pic.  Pictorial
pp.   Printed paged (Number of pages in the book)

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E1717 E1717a (Art) Advert Card (1900’s) “CHRISTMAS GIFTS - THE FINE ARTS SOCIETY High-Class ENGRAVINGS…” (145x115mm. Printed both sides. Interesting period advert. Very Good) GBP 2.00 =
EM0259  (Medication) Magazine Advert (1910) "MY SECRET REMEDY - BEECHAM'S PILLS"  (260x170mm. Full page advert from "Chambers's Journal" Feb, 1 1910. Good+) GBP 0.50
EM0257  (Soap) Magazine Advert (1884) "PEARS' SOAP..."  (252x170mm. Full page advert from "Harper's Magazine" Crease to SE corner. Good) GBP 0.50
EM0658 EM0658a (Soap) Magazine Insert Advert (c.1890’s) “Matchless for the Complexion! - PEARS' SOAP..."  (Baby being placed into a tin bath)(215x1138mm. 4 page advert from a magazine. Ideal for framing. Very Good) GBP 3.00 =
E1882 (Soap) Magazine insert Advert (c.1900’s) “IF I MUST BE WASHED - WASH ME WITH VINOLIA” (166x104mm. Double sided insert advertisement. Colour lithography. [SW corner repaired but still presentable and ideal for framing] Good) GBP 2.00 =
EM0001 (Tea)  Magazine Advert (1950's) "VALUE PRIZE TEA OFFER YOU CORONET CAMERAS..."  (164x180mm. 2 pages. Illustrated. creased. Good+) GBP 1.00

EM0260  Magazine Article (1884) "THE DRAINAGE OF THE EVERGLADES"  (USA. 250x170mm. 9 pages. 10x illustrations. From March 1884 "Harper's Magazine" Stain to edge. Good+) GBP 0.50
EM0258  Magazine Article (1884) "THE EARLY AMERICAN PRESIDENTS"  (250x170mm. 14 pages. 6x illustrations. From March 1884 "Harper's Magazine" Stain to edge. Good+) GBP 0.50
EM0261  Magazine Article (1884) "HINTS ON DOMESTIC DECORATION"  (250x170mm. 9 pages. 13x illustrations. From March 1884 "Harper's Magazine" Stain to edge. Good+) GBP 0.50

Autographed Items 
Nil entries at the moment.

Beer Mats  
E0963   Beer Mats (1960's) Collection x12 Beer Mats from 1960's  (Good to Very Good) GBP 1.50

Book Marks & Markers, Etc.  
+++++ Card  
E1456    Bookmark "CHELTENHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL - Hundreds of services on offer..."  (210x50mm. Very Good) GBP 0.25
E0941   Bookmark  (Germany) "classicforum.com..."  (Books. 148x52mm. Mint) GBP 0.25
EM0023   Bookmark (2000's) "Baby Bio - Don't forget the Baby Bio!..."  (Garden. 210x50mm. No.NB120. Mint) GBP 0.25
E0962   Bookmark  (1951) "INDIA...TYRES..." + "1951..."  calendar. (Motor. 180x58mm. Damage to top. Good) GBP 0.80
+++++ Metal  
E0828   Bookmark  Cat  (Brass. 75x32mm. Issued by Sea Gems. Very Good) GBP 1.50

E1411  Calendar (1965) "The People's Dispensary For Sick Animals..."  (Puppy + Kittens. 118x127mm. 4 pages. Folded card. Very Good) GBP 1.00

E1205  Amateur Radio QSL Card  (1969) "BOB LUSK VR1L OCEAN ISLAND"  (83x134mm. Used. Very Good) GBP 1.00
E1595  Membership Card  (1943) "SOLDIERS' & AIRMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATE CARD..."  (64x92mm. 4 page printed card with member's detail in ink. Dated 28.Oct.1943. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =

E1607 (1972) “ELIZABETH AND PHILIP” (Silver Wedding Crown. 38mm dia. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =

EM0609 EM0609a “THE HOTSPUR” (1968) Collection x5 vintage issues of Boys’ Comic “The Hotspur” (No’s442,443,462,463,464 - April 6.1968 to September 7.1968. Each published by D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. 300x215mm. 32 pages. Very Good condition. Weight 280g net) GBP 1.50 each or Lot x5 for GBP 5.00 =

Computer related items

EM0653 EM0653a Software (1995) Microsoft “MONEY” (Designed for Windows 95. Complete with Product Key)(Official. Net weight 100g. Case/Insert/Disc all in Very Good condition) GBP 2.00 =

Financial Documents (Bonds, Stocks, Shares, Receipts, Etc.)
+++++ Bonds
EM0648 EM0648a (1920) “CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT FOR 6% TWELVE-YEAR FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS OF SAN ANTONIO LAND & IRRIGATION COMPANY LTD.” (Mexico)(232x267mm. Certificate No.BA 051 for a deposit of £1000 pounds. Dated 14th December, 1920. [Minor nicks to edges. 4x official punch-holes] otherwise Very Good ready to frame condition) GBP 7.00 =
EM0647 (1860) “THE SCOTTISH PROVIDENT INSTITUTION” (145x262mm. Offcial receipt for £15/4/7 for a Sum Assured of £499/19/0. Dated Nov 7, 1860. Blind embossed Penny Stamp. Very Good ready to frame condition) GBP 3.00 =
EM0644 (1860) “SCOTTISH PROVINCIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY” (190x244mm. Ornate printed receipt No.1632. Dated 31.July.1860. Plain back. [Age patina] Suitable for framing. Good+) GBP 3.00 =
EM0656 EM0656a (1960) “KIRBY’S LIMITED” (262mm high x 282mm wide. Stock Certificate No.1298. 100 units of stock for £25.00. Dated 25th day of August 1960. [Punch-holes at top. Centre-crease] otherwise Good++ ready to frame condition) GBP 5.00 =

Greetings Cards   
E1554  Christmas Card (Early) "MAY YOUR CHRISTMAS BE BRIGHT AND HAPPY..."  Girl + Violets + Verse  (Colour litho. 77x108mm. Plain back. Paper residue on back. Good++) GBP 1.50
E1706 E1706a Christmas Cards (c.1900’s)( Collection x8 early Christmas Cards with various interesting designs (100x78mm to 184x92mm. 2 with 1903 dates. Very Good) Lot x8 GBP 3.00 =
E1728 E1728a Christmas Cards (c.1900’s)( Collection x10 early Christmas Cards with various interesting designs (67x95mm to 140x85mm. Very Good) Lot x10 GBP 3.00 =
E1705 Christmas Card (1918) “TO GREET YOU HEARTILY” (Dutch windmills scene. 108x138mm. 8 pages. Unsigned art. Pink ribbon tie. Verse inside. Dated “25 December 1918” + ink signature. Very Good) GBP 2.00 = 
E1715 Christmas Card (1928) “THE ORANGE SELLER” Colour unsigned ethnic art (140x100mm. With printed insert from Woodcote and dated Christmas 1928, Silk ribbon. Very Good) GBP 2.00 =
E1718 Greetings Silk (1900’s) Christmas. With many wishes for your happiness” (Snow scene with holly)(92x115mm. Colour design printed on silk. Wirtns Brothers. Copyright No.334. Very Good) GBP 2.00 =
E1716 Greetings Card Unsigned Hand-painted Country Scene (70x110mm. Water colour on fancy card. “To Denie with love from Jessie” on inside. Very Good) GBP 1.00 =
E1707 Greetings Card (1900’s) “Jack” Terrier Dog (Unsigned art. No publisher. 114x150mm, 4 pages. Silk ribbon. [Insert probably removed] Good+) GBP 1.50 =
E0690  Greetings Card (1956)(India) "2500th Buddha Jayanti...1956"  (154x110mm. 4 pages. Used. Very Good) GBP 0.25

Key Rings 
E1566  Key Ring (Thailand) "BANKOK - THAILAND"  (Elephant. 30x33mm cast gilded decorated elephant with chain + split-ring. Good heavy quality. Weighs 50 grams. Very Good) GBP 1.00
E1448  Key Ring (Canada) "MONTREAL CANADA Olympic Stadium..."  (40x40mm. Clear acrylic. Very Good) GBP 0.50
E1449  Key Ring (Canada) "SULPHUR MOUNTAIN Gondola Lift Banff Canada"  (40x40mm. Clear acrylic. Very Good) GBP 0.50

Labels, Stickers, Decals, Etc. 
Nil entries at the moment.

Leaflets, Flyers, Etc. 
EM0008  Leaflet "The Peregrine Wind Quintet"  (165x140mm. 4 pages. B/w photographs. Drawings. Very Good) GBP 0.20

EM0266  Map (1946) "DORCHESTER"  (Ordnance Survey New Popular (6th) Edition. Sheet 178. 210x124mm. Folds out to 800x690mm. Paper. Good used condition) GBP 2.00
EM0267  Map (1986) "Liverpool & surrounding area"  (Ordnance Survey Landranger 108 - 1.25 in to 1 mile - 2cm to 1km - 1:50 000. 225x132mm. Folds out to 880x990mm. Paper. Good++ used condition) GBP 2.00
EM0038  Map (1987)(Australia) "QANTAS - MELBOURNE TOURIST MAP"  (220x94mm folds out to 440x564mm. Colour. Adverts. Very Good) GBP 0.30
E0797  Map (c.1930’s)(Palestine) "PALESTINE"  (T. Nelson & Sons. 147x95mm paper cover. Colour map folds out to 258x250mm. Good) GBP 1.50

Matchbox Labels  
E1698 Bookmatch Labels (UK - c.1960’s) Collection x8 “BOAC” (Airline) Labels (All used. Good+ to Very Good) Lot x8 GBP 1.50 =
E1697 E1697a Bookmatch Labels (UK - c.1960’s) Collection x9 “BEA” (Airline) Labels (All used. Poor to Good) Lot x9 GBP 1.50 =
E1702 E1702a Bookmatch Labels (UK & USA - c.1960’s) Collection x7 Bookmatch Labels relating to Banking & Building Societies (Interesting lot with paper from album pages on back that can be removed for remounting etc. Condition varies from Good- to Good+) Lot x7 GBP 1.40 =
E1751 Bookmatch Labels (UK - c.1960’s) Collection x8 labels relating to Dr. Bernado’s Homes (All in Good used condition) GBP 1.00 =
E1735 Bookmatch Labels (UK - c.1960’s) Collection x6 labels relating to Public Houses Etc. (All in Good used condition) GBP 1.00 =
E1450 Bookmatch Label (Canada - c.1970’s) ”CARA CARA CARA HOST SINCE 1883 HÔTE DEPUIS" (49x37mm. Very Good) GBP 0.30
E1451  Bookmatch Label (Canada - c.1970’s) “MOTHER TUCKER'S FOOD EXPERIENCE"  (45x38mm. Very Good) GBP 0.30
E1457  Bookmatch Label  (Canada - 1975) ”Wardair Canada (1975) LTD - DC 10"  (45x54mm. Very Good) GBP 0.35
EM0445 EM0445a Matchbox Labels (UK - c.1950’s/60’s) “MARTIN Newsagent Tobacconist Confectioner Stationer” (Collection x14 varieties of label. [Labels have been pasted onto 235x175mm sheet of paper. Could be lifted for remounting, etc.] Condition Good+ to Very Good) Lot x14 GBP 2.50 =
E1703 E1703a Bookmatch Labels (Switzerland - c.1960s) Collection x20 Bookmatch Cover Labels with coloured scenic views (From different series most with advertisements. All in used Good to Good++ condition) Lot x20 GBP 2.00 =
E1701 Bookmatch Labels (USA - c.1940’s) Collection x4 “…BUY WAR BONDS…” (each 105x38mm. Pictorial. Different manufacturers. Used with minor faults. Good+) Lot x4 GBP 8.00 =
EM0453 EM0453a Matchbox Labels (UK - c.1950’s/60’s. Spanish & Foreign made) Collection x13 “FIRE QUEEN” Safety match labels (Varieties and advertisements. All in Good to Very Good used condition) Lot x13 GBP 2.00 =
EM0451 EM0451a EM0451b EM0451c Matchbox Labels (UK - c.1950’s/60’s Made in Sweden) Collection x36 variety of “THE SHIP” matchbox labels (9x large + 27 small labels different varieties. Have been pasted onto paper pages but can easily be removed for remounting etc. Poor to Very Good condition) Lot x36 GBP 2.50 =
E1108  Matchbox Label (Russia - c.1985) Collection x4 different  (Very Good) Lot x4 GBP 0.50
E1109  Matchbox Label (Sweden - Early) "MONOPOL..."  (Bicycle. Very Good) GBP 0.50

Medals, Medallions, Etc.
E1610 Medal (1940’s)(Royal Life Saving Society)("OUEMCUNQUE MISERUM VIDERIS HOMINEM SCIAS - ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY" on front. “S. Wallis” (recipient) on back. 26mm dia. Cast bronze with hanging loop. Very Good+) GBP 3.00 =
A10014 A10014a Medal (c.1950’s) “THE ST. JOHN AMBULANCE ASSOCIATION” (40x40mm. Cast brass. “A38675 NORMAN H. RADCLIFFE + REGISTERED AT ST. JOHN’S GATE, LONDON” on back. Hanging ring fastener. Very Good) GBP 3.50 =
A10013 A10013a Medal (1950) “ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY...” on obverse “AWARDED TO N. RADCLIFFE Sept 1950...” on reverse. (32mm diameter. Bronze with hanging loop.Very Good) GBP 4.00 =

Pennants, Etc.  
E1594  Pennant  (c.1970's) "Blackpool"  (120mm. Printed plastic. Windscreen pennant. Very Good) GBP 0.30 =
E1555  Pennant (c.1970's) "Bridport"  (195mm. Printed felt. Very Good) GBP 0.50
EM0069  Pennant (1960's)(Denmark) "HELSINGØR"  (250mm. Printed felt. Good+) GBP 0.50
E1556  Pennant "HORNING - NORFOLK BROADS"  (160m. Embroidered felt. Very Good) GBP 0.50
E0816  Pennant (1960's) "LONDON ZOO - ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON"  (260mm. Printed  on rayon. Good+)  GBP0.50

E0940  Magazine (1900) "BLACK & WHITE BUDGET"  (Boer War News. Vol.II No.21 - March 3, 1900. 280x190mm. 32 pages. B/w photographs. Drawings. Spine splitting. Two small holes in a couple of pages. Good+) GBP 0.90
B2661 Drink Periodical (1967) “AMATEUR WINEMAKER” (Monthly magazine for the maker of country wines. Vol.10 No’s Each 48 pages, B/w photo front cover and illustrations. Interesting articles relevant to present day. Adverts. Weight 370g net. Very Good. Lot x5) GBP 2.00 =

Philatelic Items (Stamps, Covers, Etc.)
E1628 E1628a GB (24.May.1935) Cover + Letter + Newspaper Cuttings (Silver Jubilee stamp on cover. “CLAPTON E.5. 24 MAY 1935” postmark. Addressed to South Brent, South Devon. Contains interesting letter from Universities’ Mission relating to using bracken as food for tropical Africa + 6x newspaper cuttings relating to same subject. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
S1216  GB (16.October.1946) Postal Card Official King George VI 2d Postal Card ("LICHFIELD STAFFS. 18 OCT 1946" clear postmark. Ink message on reverse. Very Good) GBP 1.00 =
E1720 GB (20.November.1972) First Day Cover “THE ROYAL SILVER WEDDING” (Pictorial First Day Cover with 3p stamp only. Liverpool cancel. Good) GBP 0.50 =
S1350  GB (11.May.1977) First Day Cover + Card ”THE SILVER JUBILEE OF THE QUEEN'S ACCESSION"  (Full set on pictorial First Day Cover + Descriptive Filler Card. Very Good+) GBP 1.30 =
S1349  GB (8.June.1977) Stamp"COMMONWEALTH HEADS OF GOVERNMENT MEETING 1977"  (SG1038. Full set x1. Mint never hinged) GBP 0.50 =
E1581  GB (9.April.1980) Miniature Sheet "LONDON 1980 INTERNATIONAL STAMP EXHIBITION"  (SG1119. Mint never hinged) GBP 0.55 =

Prints (Book plates, etc.)  
EM0198  Colour Plate (c.1930's) "AND WITH A GREAT VOICE THEY EXCLAIMED: 'HE MADE US'"  by Gwyndd M. Hudson (Tipped-in colour plate from broken-down book "The Guiding Book"  175x120mm print on 245x185mm page. Print clean but a few foxing dots on page mount. Very Good) GBP 1.00
EM0174  Colour Plate (c.1930's) "LAURA SECORD"  by C.W. Jefferys (Tipped-in colour plate from broken-down book "The Guiding Book"  175x120mm print on 245x185mm page. Very Good) GBP 1.50
EM0184  Colour Plate (c.1930's) "SHE KNEW THAT HER VISITANT WAS OLD AND SPENT..."  by Lawson Wood (Tipped-in colour plate from broken-down book "The Guiding Book"  175x120mm print on 245x185mm page. Very Good) GBP 1.50
EM0206  Colour Plate (c.1930's) "UMÅ-THE MOTHER"  by Abamindradath Tagore (Tipped-in colour plate from broken-down book "The Guiding Book"  148x115mm print on 245x185mm page. Print clean but a couple of foxing spots on page. Very Good) GBP 0.50
EM0121  Colour Plate (c.1914) "BIG STEAMERS"  by Norman Wilkinson (Tipped-in colour plate from broken-down book "Princess Mary's Gif Book" 120x182 print on 182x245mm mount. Very Good) GBP 1.50
EM0301  Mono Plate (c.1910's) "DONIZETTI, 1797-1848"  (Italian Composer. 200x135mm. B/w book plate from broken-down book. Good++) GBP 1.00 =
EM0302  Mono Plate (c.1910's) "HANDEL, 1685-1759"  (German Composer. 200x135mm. B/w book plate from broken-down book. Good++) GBP 1.00 =
EM0200  Mono Plates (c.1930's) "POWER OF THE ETERNAL FEMININE"  by Kwaisik Sadakate. (Japanese art. 2x tipped-in mono-colour plates from broken-down book "The Guiding Book"  175x120mm print on 245x185mm page. Very Good) GBP 0.50
E0627  Book Illustrations (1933)  4x dog drawings by B. Chamier (illustrating a dog story "MUDDY PAWS"  by K.D. Nason.  185x115mm. 4x full-page plates from broken-down book. Good) Lot x4 GBP 0.90
EM0201  Magazine Illustration (1937) "WHAT HAVE YOU GOT IN THAT BAG, TEACHER ?..."  (Teaching interest. Signed. 285x210mm. From "Punch" April 14, 1937. Very Good) GBP 0.50

Prize Labels 
E1410  Prize Label (1914) "URSULINE CONVENT, UPTON, ESSEX - ST. ANGELA'S HIGH SCHOOL..."  (128x92mm. 1914 ink entry. Very Good) GBP 0.50

E1729 E1729a Programme (1899) “Programme - HILLSIDE, CHRISTMAS 1899” (Hillside was probably a large private residence. Songs, Piano Duets, Recitations, Drama, Violin Solo, etc.)(140x92mm. 4 pages. Printed card. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =
EM0007  Programme (1997) "Edinburgh Military Tattoo...1997"  (210x145mm. 54 pages. Colour photographs. Adverts. Very Good) GBP 0.40

Sheet Music  (Ideal for framing or a great Gift)) + Music Albums
EM0513 Music Album “NINE SCHOOL MARCHES” Composed for the Piano by Anton Chandon. (Mozart Allan, Glasgow. No date. c.1920’s. 292x230mm. 20 pages. Music. Pictorial paperback. Weight 80g net. Good+) GBP 1.50 =
EM0003   Sheet Music "AMERICAN PATROL"  (F.W. Meacham. Keith Prowse & Co. No.3478. 1942. 278x218mm. 8 pages. Music. Good++) GBP 1.00
EM0307  Sheet Music  "THE ANNIVERSARY WALTZ"  (Words & Music by Al Dubin and Dave Franklin. Chappell & Co. Ltd. No.1352. 1941. 275x215mm. 4 pages. Music + pictorial front cover. Good+) GBP 1.00 =
E0829   Sheet Music "BLUEBERRY HILL"  Fats Domino (Words & Music by Al Lewis, Larry Stock & Vincent Rose. Chappell. No.3343. 1940. 278x216mm. 4 pages. Music. Pictorial cover. Very Good) GBP 3.00
E0831   Sheet Music "CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE"  (Words and Music by George Weiss, Hugo Peretti & Luigi Creatore. Recorded by Elvis Presley, Andy Williams, Al Martino, Brenda Lee, Burl Ives. Manor Music Co. No.CA 2002. 1961. 280x215mm. 4 pages. Music. Good++) GBP 1.00
EM0514 Sheet Music “THE CHESTNUT TREE” (’neath the Spreading Chestnut Tree - The Novelty Singing Dance Sensation) Words and Music by Jimmy Kennedy, Tommy Connor & Hamilton Kennedy. (Peter Maurice Music Co. Ltd. 19838. 310x250mm. 4 pages. Music. Pictorial paperback. Weight 20g net. Good+) GBP 1.50 =
E0871   Sheet Music "FOREVER AND EVER"  Gracie FIELDS (Words by Malia Rosa, Music by Franz Winkler. Francis Day & Hunter. No.21894. 1947. 278x214mm. Pictorial cover. Good+) GBP 1.90
E0830   Sheet Music "HOLD MY HAND"  Don Cornell (by Jack Lawrence and Richard Myers. Bradbury Wood Ltd. No.7297. 1950. 274x214mm. 4 pages. Music. Pictorial cover. [A couple of nicks] Good+)  GBP 1.50
E0809    Sheet Music "HOW CAN YOU BUY KILLARNEY?"  Joseph LOCKE (Words & Music by Hamilton Kennedy, Freddie Grundland, Gerald Morrison, Ted Steels. Peter Maurice.1948. 278x214mm. 4 pages. Music. Pictorial cover. [A couple of nicks] Good+)  GBP 1.50
E0872   Sheet Music  "I'LL WALK ALONE"  (Words by Sammy Cahn. Music by Jule Styne. Bradbury Wood Ltd. No.711. 1954. 275x217mm. 4 pages. Music. pic/cover. [Tears] Good) GBP 0.50
EM0308  Sheet Music  "IT'S BEEN A LONG, LONG TIME"  (Words by Sammy Cahn. Music by Julie Styne. Bradbury Wood Ltd. No.BW7131. 1945. 240x155mm. Music + pictorial front cover. [Crease + nick] Good) GBP 1.00 =
E0869   Sheet Music  "LILLI MARLENE"  Billy COTTON  (by Norman Schultze, Hans Leip and Tommie Connor. Peter Maurice. 1944. 250x202mm. 4 pages. Music. Pictorial cover. Good+) GBP 1.30
E0808   Sheet Music  "THE NAUGHTY LADY OF SHADY LANE"  The AMES BROS.  (by Sid Tepper & Roy C. Bennett. Chappell & Co. No.7880. 1954. 276x218mm. 4 pages. Music. pic/cover. [A couple of nicks] Good+) GBP 0.90
E0870   Sheet Music  "THIS IS MY MOTHER'S DAY"  Paul ROUSELL (Words & Music by Billy Reid. Billy Reid Publications. B.R.S.102. 1958. 280x215mm. 4 pages. Music. Pictorial cover cover [A couple of nicks] Good+) GBP 1.20
EM0309  Sheet Music  "WHEN YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT FORGOTTEN"  Bill HATTON & Ethel MANNERS (Words & Music by Box & Cox. The Sun Music Publishing Co. Ltd. No.1383. 1942. 280x215mm. 4 pages. Music. Pictorial front cover. [A couple of nicks] Good+) GBP 1.00 =

EGB0001 Small Tin  Tin in form of Package Case (Vintage. 50x80x42mm deep. No manufacturer marks. Age patina. Good++) GBP 3.50

Tobacco Related  
E0938  (Cigarette packets) Cigarette Packet Fronts x11 (Collection x11 items. Very Good) GBP 1.50

Topographical Ephemera
EM0313 (Hampshire - Ellingham)(Print) “ST. MARY & ALL SAINTS, ELLINGHAM” (203x252mm. Fold down centre. Otherwise Very Good) GBP 1.50 =

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