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Listed below are collectable items relating to Sport.
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Ice Hockey
Motorcycle Racing, Etc.
Horse Racing
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Cycle Racing
Horse Racing
Motor Racing
Rugby Union 

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+++++ Athletics 
A5870  "AAA STAR AWARD - UNDER 13"  (Early. 76x76mm. Woven/bound. Very Good) GBP 0.25
A4973  (1971) "K.S.A.A. 1971 E.S.A.A."  (Athletics? Woven on 51mm ribbon. Mint) GBP 0.25

+++++ Bowls 
A7750  "STAPLECROSS BOWLS CLUB"  (26mm dia. Pin. Brooch fitting. Very Good) GBP 0.30

+++++ Canoeing 
Nil entries at the moment.

+++++ Climbing, Hiking, Rambling, Etc. 
A4615  "Cubmaster WORLD'S FINEST CAMPING AND BACKPACKING EQUIPMENT"  (Equipment label. Printed on 48mm ribbon. Good+) GBP 0.20

+++++ Football 
A5171  Football  (75mm dia. Embroidered. Good+) GBP 0.25
A5886  "MFC..."  (Middlesbrough FC. 24x25mm. Enamelled brass. Pin/clutch fastener. Mint) GBP 1.20

+++++ Gymnastics 
Nil entries at the moment.

+++++ Hockey 
Nil entries at the moment.

+++++ Ice Hockey 
A6432  "Banff"  (Canada. 21x25mm. Enamelled brass pin. Brooch fitting. Very Good) GBP 0.50

+++++ Motorcycle Racing, Etc. 
A7795  "BON-ACCORD TOURING CLUB - ABERDEEN"  (26mm dia. Enamelled brass pin. "W. REEVES & Co. Ltd. BIRMINGHAM" on back. Brooch pin fastener. Very Good) GBP 1.00
A4686  "I'm in the Club! - Club YAMAHA"  (90x90mm. Embroidered. Mint) GBP 0.25
A4688  "Team MCN"  (Motorcycle News. 45x75mm. Woven/bound. Mint) GBP 0.35

+++++ Skiing 
A7421  "GLENISLA SKI SCHOOL - SYHA"  (Scottish Youth Hostel Association. 70x60mm. Woven ribbon mounted on red felt. Good++) GBP 0.35

+++++ Swimming 
A4689  "IRISH SWIMMING AWARDS - 25 METRES"  (45x65mm. Woven/bound. Mint) GBP 0.25
A8151 “SCOTTISH SWIMMING AWARD - DISTANCE SWIM” (65mm dia. Woven/bound. Very Good) GBP 0.35 =
A8154 (Scottish Swimming Awards x3) “GRADE II DISTANCE” “GRADE IIIDISTANCE” “GRADE III SURVIVAL” (Each 18x70mm. Woven bound. Lot x3. Very Good) GBP 0.60 =

A8120 “SSAA PERSONAL SURVIVAL” (Scotland)(Early. 22x25mm. Enamelled brass pin. Plain back. Brooch clasp pin fastener. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =

+++++ Wrestling 
A7300  "BIG DADDY Britains Number 1 - WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED"  (72x74mm. Woven/bound. Mint) GBP 0.40

Condition of Books etc. are graded as follows:-
    M. Mint - never used.
    VG. Very Good - very little signs of wear and use.
    G. Good - general signs of wear and use but still presentable.
    Poor - Heavy signs of wear or grubbiness. (Still useful contents for reading, etc.)
    + or ++ signs may be added to above to further refine classification.
    Where appropriate additional descriptive notes will be included.
    Minor inscriptions are ignored.

Abbreviations used:-
    bds.  Boards
bw.  Black and white
c.     Dated about or around
cl.    Coloured
    dec.  Decorated
dr.   Drawing/s
dw.  Dust wrapper (Protective loose cover. Often illustrated)
    ep.   End paper (last loose leaf in book - usually blank)
fep. Front end paper (First loose leaf in book - usually blank. Often has inscriptions)
fr.   Frontispiece (Illustrated page facing the title page. Often printed on art paper)
ill.   Illustrated
nd.   Not dated
pb.   Paper backed
ph.   Photograph/s
pic.  Pictorial
pl.    Plates (Illustrations printed on art paper)
pp.   Printed paged (Number of pages in the book)
rep.  Rear end paper (Last blank loose leaf in book)

    All books are deemed to be hard back bound unless otherwise stated.

SMB0016  Louis T. Stanley. "THE SPORTING COLLECTOR"  (Pelham Books. 1984. 240x175mm. 170 pages. Numerous b/w photographs. Light green hardback binding. Gilt titles on spine. Weighs 580g net) Very Good in Very Good pictorial dust wrapper. GBP 6.50

Nil entries at the moment.

BY0007  (Len Hutton) J.M. Kilburn.  "THE STORY OF A GREAT CRICKETER - LEN HUTTON"  (Pitkin. No date. c.1950. 230x176mm. 32 pages. B/w photographs. Pictorial paperback. Very Good) GBP 4.00
BY0008  (Len Hutton) "LEN HUTTON SOUVENIR"  (Yorkshire Evening News. No date. c.1950. 278x215mm. 16 pages. B/w photographs. Adverts. Pictorial paperback. Good) GBP 4.00
BY0003  (Yorkshire) "SCARBOROUGH CRICKET FESTIVAL 1954 - Official Souvenir No.4"  (215x142mm. 24 pages. B/w photographs. Adverts. Paperback. Very Good) GBP 3.00
SMB0011 (Yorkshire) "YORKSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB - SEASON 1947"  (165x105mm. 303 pages. Red gilt buckram. [Cover marked] Good) GBP 3.50
NFB0002  (Australia) Edited by G. Ross.  "CRICKETERS FROM AUSTRALIA"  (1956 Tour Official Souvenir)(Playfair. 213x137mm. 24 pages. B/w photographs. Adverts. Pictorial paperback. [centre crease] Good) GBP 1.60
NFB0003  (England) Edited by A.W. Simpson.  "CRICKET 1953 - THE AUSTRALIAN TOUR"  (Fixtures, Records, and Photographs of Players)(216x140mm. 32 pages. B/w photographs. Adverts. Foreword by Maurice Tate. Pictorial paperback. Good+) GBP 2.50
NFB0005  (South Africa) A.W. Simpson.  "SOUTH AFRICAN CRICKET TOUR 1951"  (Photographs and Pen Pictures of South African Players. Fixtures, Facts and Averages)(218x140mm. 28 pages. B/w photographs. Adverts. Foreword by S.C. Griffith. Pictorial paperback. Good++) GBP 2.90
NFB0006  (South Africa) "SOUTH AFRICA - PICTURES FIXTURES AND PERSONALITIES 1951"  (Cricket tour)(253x188mm. 4 pages. B/w photographs. Pictorial paperback. Good++) GBP 2.50

SMB0006  (Brian Clough) Brian Clough with J. Sadler. ”CLOUGH - THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY"  (Corgi Books. 1995. 176x105mm. 320 pages. B/w photographic plates. Pictorial paperback. Good+) GBP 2.90
SMB0018  (Brian Clough) Marcus Alton. "YOUNG MAN, YOU'VE MADE MY DAY"  (A personal tribute to Brian Clough. Foreword by Barbara Clough. Bookcase Editions Ltd. 2008. 210x148mm. 101 pages. B/w photo plates. Pictorial paperback. Very Good+) GBP 5.50 =
SMB0003  (Willie Maddren)(Middlesbrough) Willie Maddren with Dave Allen. "EXTRA TIME"  (The official biography. Willie Maddren MND Fund. 1998. 210x146mm. 384 pages. Colour photographic plates. B/w photographs. Pictorial paperback. Very Good+) GBP 4.90
SMB0012  (Wilf Mannion)(Middlesbrough) Nick Varley. "GOLDEN BOY - A BIOGRAPHY OF WILF MANNION"  (Foreword by Bobby Robson. Aurum Press. 1997. 240x155mm. 211 pages. B/w photographic plates. Black hardback binding. Gilt titles on spine. Very Good+ in Very Good+ pictorial dust wrapper) GBP 6.90
B2660 (David Mills)(Middlesbrough, West Bromwich Albion, Newcastle United, Sheffield Wednesday, Etc.) David Mills with David Bond. “THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE” (The Story of David Mills, Once Britain’s Most Expensive Footballer. Signed by David Mills on front free end paper. Foreword by Jack Charlton. Vertical Editions. First Edition. 2011. 240x160mm. 255 pages. B/w + Colour photographic plates. Black hardback binding. Gilt titles on spine. Weight 600g net. Very Good++ in Very Good++ pictorial dust wrapper) GBP 10.00 =
SMB0001  (Bryan Robson) Bryan Robson with D. Allsop. "ROBBO - MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY"  (Hodder & Stoughton. 2006. 240x160mm. 310 pagesp. Colour + b/w photo plates. Black gilt binding. Very Good+ in Very Good+ pictorial dust wrapper) GBP 6.90
SMB0005  (Middlesbrough) "MIDDLESBROUGH FOOTBALL CLUB OFFICIAL YEARBOOK 2002-2003"  (215x152mm. 256 pages. Colour photographs. Maps. Pictorial board binding. Very Good) GBP 8.00
SMB0014  (Middlesbrough) "MIDDLESBROUGH FOOTBALL CLUB OFFICIAL YEARBOOK 2006/07"  (217x155mm. 192 pages. Colour photographs. Maps. Pictorial board binding. Very Good+) GBP 7.00
SMB0019  (Middlesbrough) Eric Paylor. "LIFE WITH THE BORO - Volume One THE AYRESOME YEARS"  (Linthorpe Publishing. 2008. 235x160mm. 221 pages. B/w + colour photo plates. Pictorial hardback binding. Very Good pictorial dust wrapper. [net weight 580 grams] Very Good+) GBP 7.50 =
SMB0020  (England) Douglas Lamming. "AN ENGLISH FOOTBALL INTERNATIONALISTS' WHO'S WHO"  (Hutton Press. 1990. 240x162mm. 300 pages. B/w photographs. Pictorial paperback. Weighs 630g net. Very Good+) GBP 6.50 =
SMB0004  A. Sewell. "THE OBSERVER'S BOOK OF SOCCER"  (Warne. 4th Edition. 1978. 146x90mm. 192 pages. B/w photographs. Colour drawings. Red hardback binding. Very Good in Good+ pictorial dust wrapper) GBP 2.00
SMB0015  (Programmes) Phil Shaw. "COLLECTING FOOTBALL PROGRAMMES"  (Granada. 1980. 202x135mm. 128 pages. Numerous Colour + b/w illustrations. Bound in yellow hardback with gold titles on spine. Very Good in Very Good pictorial dust wrapper) GBP 10.00
B2809 “SHOOT! SOCCER QUIZ BOOK 1978” (IPC Magazines Ltd. 1977. 274x195mm. 79 pages. Colour + b/w photographs. Pictorial hardback board binding. Net weight 340g. Very Good) GBP 2.00 =

Horse Racing  
Nil entries at the moment.

B3215 B3215a  "ILLUSTRATED HANDBOOK OF LIFE SAVING INSTRUCTION"  (Royal Life Saving Society. 1965. 175x115m.  176 pages. Drawings. Pictorial paperback. Weight 130g net. Good+) GBP 1.90 =+

For Sporting Cigarette Cards and Trade Cards see also separate Cigarette Cards & Trade Cards catalogue
E1774 E1774a E1774b (Middlesbrough)(1938) “MIDDLESBOROUGH” (From Sherman’s 1938 Searchlight on Famous Teams’ Series)(Sherman’s Pools Ltd. 102x140mm. Colour photo of team that includes - Baxter, Fenton, Camsell, Etc. Full details printed on back. Very Good) 4.50 =
E1775 E1775a (Middlesbrough)(1978) Collection x7 Player Portrait cards from Topps Chewing Gum Inc. 1978 Footballers Series (Includes:- Terry Cooper No.11, John Craggs No.39, Tony McAndrew No.162, Stuart Boam No.189, Alan Ramage No.242, David Armstrong No.280, Peter Brine No.367. [Some thinning to card No’s 11 and 367] otherwise Very Good. Lot x7) GBP 3.50 =


E1461  "elb expos"  Key Ring (Montreal expos, Canada. "expos le basebol". 34x34mm Acrylic. Very Good) GBP 0.60



Abbreviations used:-
Anon. Anonymous artist (Unsigned)
apl.  Appliqued material
art.  from a painting or drawing
Bw.  Black and white
c.     Dated about or around
cd.   Postcard size card but not with an official 'postcard' back
cl.    Coloured
des.  Design
emb. Embossed
NP.  No Publisher (Publisher not named on the card)
ph.   Photographic
R/ph.  Real photograph
sep.  Sepia
T.    Tinted
Assume all cards to be unused unless otherwise indicated "Used"
"Used" indicates used in the post or with written message on back.
All relevant information will be entered. (If publisher is not mentioned then this signifies that publisher is not indicated or is unknown. "NP" indicates no publisher mentioned)

P1883  "BRUNO TYSON WBC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP"  (B/w photo design postcard. Don King Productions. 1996. Unused. Mint) GBP 1.00

P2072  "A CENTURY OF POSTCARD ENJOYMENT 1894-1994..."  (Leeds Postcard Fair 1994. Colour art postcard by Fred Camp. J.T. Postcards. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.45
P1947  "3 YEARS NOT OUT"  (Advert card for Postcard Calendar. Colour art by JOZ. No.CAL 1. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.50
P1822  "AVOID BEING CAUGHT OUT Insure with Stamp Insurance Services..."  (Advert card for Stamp Insurance Service. Colour art design postcard. Text back. Mint) GBP 0.30
P1851  "AVOID BEING CAUGHT OUT Insure with Stamp Insurance Services..."  (Advert card for Stamp Insurance Service. Colour art design postcard. Text back. Mint) GBP 0.30
P2071  "...CHRISTOPHER LEWIS - Nottinghamshire/England..."  (Colour photo postcard. Stamp Publicity Ltd. 'International Cricketer' Series. No.30. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.50

Cycle Racing 
P2106  "Women's Cycling Race"  (Colour art postcard by Bettieder Faustin 1891. Judges. No.C15726. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.45

P2124  "GLASGOW RANGERS F.C....PARTICK THISTLE F.C..."  (Advert by Kollectables. B/w photo design postcard. Ltd.1000. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.50;   (Used "GLASGOW 7 DEC 1995”. Very Good) GBP 0.45
P4672 P4672a ROSEDALE UNITED M.L. 190?” (near Pickering, North Yorkshire. Formal portrait of village Football Team with trophy. “ROSEDALE UNITED M.L. 190?” painted on ball. B/w gloss real photo postcard. No publisher. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 10.00 =D
P1728  "CONCRETE FOOTBALL BOOTS FOR RUGBY & ASSOCIATION WEAR"  (1911 advert colour art postcard. Judges. No.C13140. Unused. Mint) GBP 0.40
P2095  "NO PENALTIES WHEN you insure with..."  (Advert by Stamp Insurance Services. Cl/art/des/cd. Text back) M. GBP 0.30
P1522  (2005) "World Cup 1966 - A SET OF SEVEN POSTCARDS..."  (Cl/ph. Advertising card by Rockwell) M. GBP 0.40

P2691  "BLOOMSBURY COLLECTORS FESTIVAL...1990"  (Glamour girl with golf clubs. Cl/art. by Skizziks. IPM Promotions. No.B30. Ltd to 1250) M. GBP 1.50
P2137  "FORE"  (Cl/comic/art by JOZ. Postcard Calendar 1990. Top Table Promotions. No.CAL2. Ltd. 1000) M. GBP 0.60

Horse Racing 
P2044  "IRISH SWEEPS DERBY..."  (+ Hunting, Show Jumping. Cl/ph. NP) VG. GBP 1.00

Motor Racing 
Nil entries at the moment.

Rugby Union 
P2962  School Rugby Team with 2x Silver Trophies  (B/w real photo postcard. No publisher. No identification. Unnumbered. Unused. Very Good) GBP 1.50 =

P2065  "DON'T BE SNOOKERED Insure with..."  (Advert card. Colour art design postcard. Stamp Insurance Services. Mint) GBP 0.40

P2223  "I BET YOU THINK I'M A PERFECT IDIOT?""OH, NONE OF US ARE PERFECT!"  (Tennis comic. Cl/art by Bob Wilkin. No publisher. No.7395. Unused. Very Good) GBP 0.90


EM0361 (1974) “MIDDLESBROUGH Second Division Champions v LEEDS UNITED First Division Champions” (Bill Gates Testimonial Match. May 7th, 1974. Good+) GBP 1.00 =
Reading EM0277  (2009) "READING v MIDDLESBROUGH"  (Championship. 3.October.2009. Complete with ticket and official team sheet. As new) GBP 0.90 =
Wolverhampton Wanderers
EM0443 (1978) “WOLVES v LIVERPOOL” (1st Division. 25.March.1978. Very Good) GBP 0.60 =
EM0444 (1979) “WOLVES v SHREWSBURY TOWN” (FA Cup 6th Round. 10.March.1979. Very Good) GBP 0.50 =

Click the reference number to see the picture